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Breast Pads

Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 5060420231533
Lansinoh Blue Lock Chest Pad 60 pcs Lansinoh Blue Lock ™ chest pad provides dryness day or night with its soft and breathable surface. It is designed to retain its shape even at the heaviest flow. Thanks to its Blue Lock technology, the pad can hold up to 20 times its own weight in liquid. The super..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 8003670989257
Chicco Alattasicura Breast Pad 60 Pcs Chicco Alattasicura Breast Pad 60' During the breastfeeding period, especially in the sensitive beginning period, uncomfortable irritations and crevices may occur in the breasts that make breastfeeding difficult and painful and require special care and hygie..
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