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Milk Storage Bags And Containers

Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 8809059545478
WBS400 - Milk Storage Bottle – 4 pcs Disc and clamp design prevents milk from flowing BPA free Can be used as a bottle by attaching a pacifier Fits all standard size breast pumps Suitable for dishwasher and freezer can be sterilized Package includes 4 150ml storage bottles..
Ex Tax:$24.24
Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 5012909006682
Avent Via Breast Milk Containers (10 Pcs) 10 sterile packaged VIA cups and 10 reusable VIA caps - durable, stackable, drip-proof and easy to label. Ideal for storing breast milk and formula in the refrigerator or freezer. Contents: 10 x Sterile and packaged Multi-use/Disposable VIA Containers (180 m..
Ex Tax:$119.17
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