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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 4102968000163
Dentinox Nenedent Baby Baby Toothpaste & Brush 6 Months - 2 Years Developed for babies aged 0 - 2 years It is very soft Cleans baby teeth particularly gently with silica gel (RDA ≈ 25) Contains xylitol (13%) to prevent tooth decay in time There is no harm in swallowing it Compatible with homeopa..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 4102968000033
Dentinox Nenedent Kids Toothpaste 2-6 Years 50 ml Approved by Nenedent Öko Test Cleans and protects children's teeth Provides 3 layers of comprehensive protection with xylitol, fluoride and silica gel Cleans plaque completely and gently Contains 500 ppm fluoride, which hardens the fine enamel of..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 8697446866134
Savon Sera Silicone Finger Teether and Gel It is used for babies between 3-6 months. There are 5 extra special teeth and gums soothing gels in the package. The emergence of the baby's teeth is actually an expression of growth and development, and it makes us happy. However, even if the same situ..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 8058664022632
Chicco First Milk Toothbrush Blue 6-36 Months Rounded head and slim neck are designed for your baby's small mouth Innovative extra-soft conical tip technology bristles allow your baby's teeth to be cleaned properly while penetrating sensitively and very softly to your baby's irritated gu..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 8681506284020
Biosmile Organic Toothpaste Aloe Vera & Mint Flavor 50ml With its special design for children, it helps oral care without damaging their teeth. It provides a natural cleaning. Aloe Vera in its content keeps the inside of the mouth moist, protects and cleans. It takes care of the gums. Peppermint..
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