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Penaten Baby Skin and Face Winter Care Cream 75 ml
Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 3574661264981
Penaten Baby Skin and Face Winter Care Cream 75 ml Provides active moisture to the skin and creates a soothing protective film It is formulated for cold weather conditions. It is also ideal for the face and baby's skin folds. Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed Bruising promotes mild i..
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Bübchen Sensitive Baby Hair and Body Shampoo 200ml
Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 4065331000026
Bübchen Sensitive Baby Hair and Body Shampoo 200ml The mild formula containing natural chamomile and wheat protein gently cleanses children's hair and scalp and protects their eyes. Developed for cleaning and care of the scalp of babies and children. It is a herbal shampoo Leaves hair strong, si..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 3574661155562
Bebe Zartpflege Sensitive Children's Lip Care Balm - Natural Rose It is a lip care cream specially developed for children's damaged and sensitive lips. Lip Balm provides protection by preventing lips from drying out. It softens cracked lips with natural ingredients such as almond oil and she..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 42182627
Vaseline Blueseal Gel Cream for Babies 50 ml Helps prevent irritation, rash, dryness and other skin problems Repairs and protects the skin by relieving skin tension, dryness, irritation and redness. Dermatologically tested Helps your skin look Soft, Smooth and healthy Vaseline Original, thanks to it..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 9556447012386
It is designed to easily apply powder to babies. The cotton stick inside helps you apply the powder to the area you want without spilling it. It has a lid that prevents spillage. Material of Production: Polycarbonate Package Content: Cotton swab, powder container. Place of Production:Malaysia Countr..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 3574661234076
Penaten Diaper Rash Cream 150 ml Applied to Your Baby's Irritated Skin Even if your baby's diaper gets wet, it prevents the skin from absorbing the wetness. Contains Zinc Oxides, Natural Wool Oil, Panthenol Dermatologically Tested It does not contain allergenic substances or dyes. It is used..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 8006540458563
Prima Pampers Harmonie Aqua Wet Towel 48 pcs Pure protection for sensitive skin with 99% water Baby wipes for gentle cleaning, consisting of 100% plant-based fibres, 0% plastic, Standard 100 Certified from Oeko-Tex, Unique formula with premium cotton Gentle for baby's sensitive skin Approved by ..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 4102968000163
Dentinox Nenedent Baby Baby Toothpaste & Brush 6 Months - 2 Years Developed for babies aged 0 - 2 years It is very soft Cleans baby teeth particularly gently with silica gel (RDA ≈ 25) Contains xylitol (13%) to prevent tooth decay in time There is no harm in swallowing it Compatible with homeopa..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 8693744091186
Fresh'n Soft Ear Sticks Standard 100 Pack Cylinders Fresh'n Soft offers its users hygienic cleaning and practical solutions with its ear sticks made of 100% natural cotton. Fresh'n Soft is produced and packaged untouched by automatic machines and designed to fit the natural curve of the ..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 40052045
Bübchen Sensitive Diaper Rash Cream Travel Size 10 ml (Sensitiv Wundschutz Creme) Provides renewal for irritated, stressed and red skin Helps prevent skin rash Contains natural ingredients of chamomile, Vitamin E, Fish Oil and Panthenol Allantoin in its content supports regeneration. Does not contai..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 3574661500515
Penaten Baby Chamomile Extract Hair and Body Shampoo 750 ml Did you know that your baby's blink reflex has not yet fully developed and therefore he cannot adequately protect his eyes from splashes of water while bathing or bathing? That's why Penaten's patented 'no tears' formula..
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Brand: Aktif Bebek Model: 4065331000705
Bübchen Sensitive Diaper Rash Barrier Cream 150 ml Suitable for use from birth Contains chamomile, zinc oxide, beeswax and shea butter. Barrier cream that not only prevents diaper rash and maintains its effect even during long nights. Also suitable for healing dry and red skin areas all over the bod..
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